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Friday, June 15th

We started the weekend with burgers. We haven’t had one since White Castle in Ohio, so it was time to get our meaty fill. I checked Yelp for some suggestions for a local place. It led us here:

Papa Joe’s Humble Kitchen in Milton, NH. It’s about 15 mins from our house in the next town over. Miton has a great old town center, they call it the “Oval”. The business has been in this location for 3 years. The owner informed us that they moved here, so they’d have a kitchen to serve hot food. Before they just moved only made prepared meals that you take up and cook. Back then their name was Joe’s Humble Pie. They are really sweet here and do a great job cooking.

They have a small indoor dining area and a little outdoor area too. It was a little too chilly out to sit outside.

Nice simple menu with really good prices. We will be back for sure.

I had the Humble Ken Burger with cheese. I wanted to taste the basic burger before going all crazy, though I’ll have to admit, that is Josh logic, but I figured I’d give it a go. It was really good. The patty was hand made and nice and moist, there was the right amount of condiments and cheese. However, I as usual couldn’t wait to try it out, so the other side of the burger from the view in the picture is a bite. Heehee.

Josh got Tim’s Bacon Cheeseburger:

And since I’ve never had Poutine Fries we had to order some up to test out. Not bad at all. It’s like mashed potatoes and gravy, except the potatoes are crunchy and fried.

We picked out some local sodas to enjoy with our meal. I got the Pale Dry Ginger Ale and Josh picked the Maple Cream Soda. Mine was good, it tasted like ginger ale, but with a stronger bite. Josh’s was awesome. It was sweet like cream soda, but with the real maple flavor. Yay. I will have to try this again for myself.

Saturday, June 16th

I don’t remember what we did, but it likely involved hanging around the house.

Sunday, June 17th

Josh and I went to a local Ribfest held at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack, NH. We’ve had this event on our radar since we moved here. Even though the fest was going on all weekend we decided to go on Sunday, because it was blues music day and they had a Blue Brother’s tribute band playing. They were a blast to watch on stage. It was fun to walk around the little vendor tents and hear them singing along to the music. Everyone was loving it.

I’m gonna need to work on my documenting skills if I’m gonna to post my adventures. I missed the overall A-B campus photo and the huge 3 story vendor displays. Next time I’ll have more photos!

I love the carnival looks of these 2 stands.

Josh waited in line for a rack of ribs and I grabbed us a delicious side to go with them. I decided on butter dipped sweet corn. I sprinkled on parmesan cheese on for good measure. I wanted to try the maple sugar & pepper shaker, but it was empty. I guess it must have been good. We were able to grab a seat at a table under a tent, so we didn’t have to sit in the direct sun, though it was a  a wonderful for sitting in the sun. We sat next to each other on the end of a long communal table. Shortly after we sat a Father and his 2 grown sons sat down across from us. Sporting 3 full racks of ribs. We made quick friends of them. I was wearing my Shamrock’n Half Marathon Training hat, and that started up the conversation.

We ended up exchanging information. They two sons both work for Altas Fireworks and they offered to hook us up if we were looking for fireworks. Speaking of fireworks, we can get all kinds of good stuff out here on the East Coast. I’m looking forward to launching stuff in the air, like mortars and firing roman candles! Whoohoo!

Itis! Once we eat all these ribs, it’s gonna be time for a nap. We were originally in line for one of the bigger rib vendors, but then a guy for a little rib stand poached us. A of a rack of ribs was $20, that was $6 less than everyone else and their homemade BBQ sauce was good and tangy.

On our way home from the Ribfest we saw this gem of a car. I love the plate.

So far our adventures have been great out here. We made a few new friends, in fact, I now have a bike riding buddy and a bike ride group to go on rides with. Woot!


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