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departing sac

I makes sense to start this blog with a recap of our cross country adventure to arrive at our new home in New Hampshire.

We worked really hard to get to the point where we could bid Sacramento adieu and see new sights. It was a bittersweet decision for us. We left our closest friends whom were the family we got to chose. But with the other half of the family on the East coast, it made sense to try out life on this side. We will still return back to the West coast on a yearly, if not more frequent pilgrimage.

Our home in Sacramento was a bank-owned property that we originally purchased to rent out. The plan was to fix up the interior live there for a few years and then rent it out and repeat the process. However, we got comfortable once we were in the house. We fix some of the major things and left others for later. Later didn’t come until we decided to move. That meant a lot of work to be completed before the property could be rented out. I took a month off work prior to the move to help get things done. In the end, we had the help of our neighbor to finish everything up. So much work. Lesson learned for next time, we don’t like to do home repairs. We like to play and do ridiculous and impractical projects. Our next house purchase needs to be ready to go.

The travel plan was as follows:

  1. Monday, May 14 at 8am: hit the road. First stay over is Wendover, UT right now the Utah/Nevada border
  2. Tuesday, May 15, travel through Utah and Wyoming to the Eastern border of the state to stay in Cheyenne
  3. Wednesday, May 16, travel through Wyoming & Nebraska. Stay overnight in Lincoln, NE
  4. Thursday, May 17, break from I-80 and travel south through Kansa City to St. Louis, MO. Stay in town until Sunday after brunch and then head out. We had to cut our trip short 1 day because we had to beat the transporter to New Hampshire to pick up the Forester that we shipped across country.
  5. Sunday, May 20, travel through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana to Columbus, Ohio.
  6. Monday, May 21, travel through Ohio, Pennsylvania to Binghampton, NY.
  7. Tuesday, May 22, travel through New York, Massachusetts to Salem, New Hampshire. Our final destination.

What actually happen:

We finally hit the road at 5 pm on 5/14/2012. We were so tired that we had to revise the first overnight stop to Elko, Nevada because there was no way we were going to make it Wendover, UT. We got into the motel at 3 am 5/15. We were dirty from a hard days work and tired. We slept in a little bit the next morning cleaned up and hit the road, but not until 10am.

It was 5 pm when we got to Salt Lake City, so there was a little traffic and it was a little warm coming up the pass into the Rocky Mountains. Thankfully the 4runner took to the hills like a champ. If crawling up them at 40 mph is the definition of a champ. Once we were up a ways we were able to pick up the pace. Oh man are those mountains beautiful. I drive a lot of the trip through Wyoming. Man that is pretty country, harsh, but such beautiful landscaping. We arrived in Cheyenne at 2 am.

Flappy Jowl Intermission:

The next day was a lot better because we were running on schedule and had more time to sleep. Things got pretty flat through Nebraska, but there are always cool farm buildings to check out. As we got closer to Lincoln the hills started to creep up. We got to our motel around 6:30pm. It was near the airport, but had a huge grass area were Max could play. We ate some mid-western Chinese food. Which was pretty plain and was adorn with peas and carrots like you’d find in a potpie. At least it wasn’t loaded with mayonaise. 😉

Thursday was great because we only had a 6.5 hour drive to get to St. Louis, where we were visiting Josh’s little sister. We have a late lunch since we were meeting for dinner late. I navigated us to Culver’s Burgers and Creamery. Mmmm that is the mid-west version of In-and-Out. So good! We picked Laura up from her work and went to an Irish pub called Llywelyn’s. They had pretty good fancy pub food. Friday Laura’s friend Nicholas came over to be a hero and watch our boy. While Josh, Laura and I filled out bellies with Awesome St. Louis BBQ at Pappy’s Smokehouseand went to the greatest place in the entire world, City Museum. Seriously, the existence of this place in gives me hope that the world can be saved! I’m doing a separate entry to document the awesomeness of our museum adventures. After the evening was done we had a slumber party, then crashed the breakfast buffet at the hotel. We started Saturday on a quest to find Laura a car, which was a tall order in 1 day, but we managed to accomplish it.

Welcome to the family Laura! Wagon Mafia, for life yo’.

For dinner on Saturdaywe tried St. Louis still pizza at Imo. Josh’s tagline for this place, “so sad it cuts itself”. Heehee, I love my bearded beast. Finally, Sunday came and we had to pack up and go. We had breakfast at Rooster in downtown St. Louis. It was awesome. I had the Strawberry Basil & Brie Crepes with Creme Fresh and a side of in-house German Sausages.

After breakfast, I talked Josh into a super quick trip to see the St. Louis Arch in person. We simply had to!

We dropped Laura off at her dorm and headed off.

Sunday’s road trip was uneventful. We pulled into our motel in Columbus, OH around 8 pm. We put our stuff inside and drove off to White Castle Burger. I had never had one before, so it was important that I try it out. I like the cheesy ones. Pretty good, so still an odd consistency.

Monday we left early and drove to Binghampton, New York. I failed to realize how close I was going to be to the lake until it would have been really innocent to make a stop and check it out. Poop. The sky over the direction of the lake was beautiful. We reached out hotel at 6 got settled and ran off to try a local favorite, Lupo’s original Spiedies. Spiedie is a sort of marinated kabob meat that is usually served on a italian roll. Man are they delicious.

Tuesday, was supposed to be a quick 4hr 44 min trip to Salem, New Hampshire. Yeah…. about that. Some how I was a little off on my calculations. It took 7 hours to getthere. There was a lot of rain and hills. We arrived at our hotel 15 mins before the transporter did with the Forester. Talk about cutting it close. It was nice to see the car again. We now a vehicle to drive around without a trailer attached, bonus!

I had originally booked our hotel room in Salem, NH for 10 nights, figuring that it would take us that long to find a place to live. That night I sent out a bunch of emails to check out properties that were advertised on Craigslist. Thursday morning we checked out an 1890’s farm house with a barn and a whole lot of fire hazards. We said no thanks and went back to our hotel. I requested more visits as did Josh. We ended up finding the place we selected in Merrimack, NH Thursday evening. We came over took a look, and said “We’ll take it!”. Our landlord had 2 rules: 1. pay your rent on time, everytime. 2. take care of the house. Easy peesy! With our place found and paid for we moved in the next day. What a relief.

We are like two 8-year-olds living in a tree house! 😀

Whoo hoo! We made it.

Deede + Josh

The gallery below is mostly scenery:


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