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City Museum

Ladies and Gentlemen;

I present to you, City Museum.10 stories of fun

Located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Formerly the historic International Shoe Company that was mostly abandon. The building was purchased by the Cassilly Family and gradually converted to an imagination museum. It is 10 stories of adventure and is constantly evolving. We were there for 4 hours or so and there wasn’t enough time to see it all. We started our adventures in the outside exhibit where everyone, no matter what you age, can play and climb and squeeze like a child. It looks really neat. The shear art component involved in this space is extraordinary, but it’s the engineering involved that’s even more mind-boggling. Everything in this space is either re-purposed industrial equipment or raw steel. Rebar and reinforcement is everywhere. The entire exhibit is a series of hamster tubes for different abilities. At this place, stairs are considered the easy way.

Here are some of the neat artistic touches throughout the museum:Serpent entry gates  Ticket booth


octopus mosaic


sea monster


fierce sharp teeth

This bird house reminds me of our good friend’s mom. Robin, this one is for you. Squawk!bird house

My first challenge was presented to me by my sister-in-law Laura. We had to get across a walkway to get to an old fighter jet. Our route, a 2′ tall 2.5′ wide hanging triangle tube that was attached to the underside of the “normal” people walkway. I say “normal” because even that was seemly precarious in nature. My plan was to jump in a give it a crawl. I figured I could always go backwards if I found myself stuck. During this crawl, I never once was overcome by fear of heights, even though I was 30+ feet in the air. I was so involved with squeezing through the space I couldn’t be bothered with it. The entire time I was climbing through the tunnel I was laughing hysterically. Even Josh, who was above us, was laughing too. After we got across, it was on to new adventures.

access way under the walk way. We take the hard path.

Josh looking down at me from above.looking down the first hamster tube

oooo…. I have to climb across to that side.Chaos across the way

The coolest jail ever!who's that?

Josh looking down at me.Josh

Me looking back up at Josh.

Sneaky quick climbing Laura on the sprint again.Laura

Looking up the interior of the factory at the 10 story slides.looking up the inside of the building at the 10 story slides

Run away!ahhh prang mantis

Laura the bus driver with attitude, ditching problem children off the top of the building.Crazy bus driver

Seriously, who’s idea was it to climb the never-ending slide?

We decided to cross the rooftop pond.

Laura and I in the magic mirror tunnel.

St. Louis at sunset from the rooftop.sunset in St. Louis

One of the many cool things inside the museum was this wall made of stacked soda bottles. Amazing!A whole wall of repurposed soda bottles

As I said in my previous blog post, the fact that this place not only exists, but is thriving, proves that humanity is not lost. Coming from California where EVERYTHING must be safe and the goal is that no one gets hurt at anytime, ever. I couldn’t even fathom that building such a place is even possible. This place is well constructed, but there are corners and sharp edges and occasional rust. There aren’t handrails and safety tape everywhere, you just jump in, grab on and hang on. You can be as adventurous as you want. Some routes go somewhere and others do not. You figure it out by trying and by golly you have a blast doing it. So much fun, you think you are 5 years old and your legs will be covered in bruises to remember the fun by.

I want to come here everyday. In fact, I’d love to meet each of my friends here, so we can explore the museum together. This time I’ll get down to the Enchanted Caves with headlamps to do some spelunking. It’s so dark and you get to crawl everywher, then come out in wondrous new locations.

It will be sooo much fun.




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