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Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Kath! We wanted you to know that even though we are away, we are celebrating your birthday with dinner and a dessert. We know that you guys are doing the same thing tonight.

For dinner we went to The Lobster Boat Restaurant in Merrimack, NH. It’s a cute little restaurant right on the main street. We’ve been wanting to visit and now we had an occasion.

Josh and I split a bowl of Clam Chowder. It came with 2 spoons and 2 packages of oyster crackers. Yay!

For dinner, Josh ordered the Fisherman’s plater full of all kinds of fried food delights like clam strips, baby shrimp, sea scallops, haddock and came with both fries and onion rings. I was really excited because it also came with cocktail sauce, which is my favorite! I dipped my fries in it. The mountain of food that came out for Josh was so big that he couldn’t finish it. I got to try everything there though. They have excellent batter and nothing was greasy. Good stuff.

I ordered the Lobster Roll with fries. I’ve never tried one before, but wanted to give it a whirl, now that I am on the appropriate coast for eating lobster. It was 7 1/2″ long and came with a heaping pile of lobster that was lightly moisten with mayo. I loved it and so did Josh. Lobster roll is added my list of foods that will be important to try at different seafood restaurants here. Mmmmm….

We drove down the street to Swan Chocolates, our local chocolatier to pick up a dessert to enjoy a home, once we made space in our tummies. There are a ton of things there that we need to try, but tonight the Chocolate Lava Cake was calling our names.

When we got home the weather had gotten very stormy and there was thunder and lightening. This made for entertainment while it lasted. Maxwell really doesn’t like that sound. He was running around collecting all his toys growling, barking and shaking them vigorously and then dropping them to run off to another one. It was a quick storm, so he is now snoring on the couch. Rough life.

Eventually it was time to sing a little birthday song in honor of the birthday girl and devour the cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy fourty-twooth birthday. We hope you have the best year evar.

Love & miss you all,
Deede, Josh + Maxwell

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  2. Hi Deede,

    I’m super excited to see that you’ve started your blog! That museum looks incredible and right up your alley! I’m drooling over Josh’s platter and your lobster roll! I’m so glad to hear that your adventure is going well and look forward to keeping up with you two through your blog!


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